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About the UC Davis Herbarium Database System:

The University of California at Davis Herbarium Database System contains label information for specimens which are either housed in this herbarium or sent out on exchange or as gifts to other herbaria. Herbarium specimen shipment queries return information about the shipment and status. The Herbarium Library holdings (biology books and journals) are catalogued and available for querying. The Herbarium type specimens (special collections) are available for querying (returns type status and label details).


The UC Davis Herbarium Database - Web based system's intended use is for science museums, academic and research institutions. This system is in continued development and may have or return data errors. Please report any problems or errors or comments to: tjstarbuck@ucdavis.edu

To obtain a copy of the UC Davis Herbarium Database System (the software on which this Web site is based) follow this link to the UC Davis Herbarium Management System.

To learn more about the UC Davis Herbaria (J.M. Tucker Herbariuim and Beecher Crampton Herbarium), follow this link to the UC Davis Herbarium Home Page.

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