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 The following website describes a classification of vegetation developed by the California Native Plant Society (CNPS). It is a digital version of the book A Manual of California Vegetation published through the Society. A Manual of California Vegetation (MCV) is out of print. Contact information: California Native Plant Society 2707 K Street, Ste. 1, Sacramento, CA 95816 (Phone 916-447-2677 (Go to the CNPS Web site). The information in this website encompasses virtually all of the information in the book with the exception of the literature citations. The book also has the advantage of higher resolution color photography than is possible through the web.

 Since the publication of the book in late 1995 a number of agencies and organizations have adopted the MCV classification. These include the California Department of Fish and Game, US. Forest Service, the National Park Service, the Nature Conservancy, and the US Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division.

 The classification developed in the Manual of California Vegetation is being refined and amended. Currently, major quantitative revisions are being developed for large portions of the California deserts and refinement is on-going on U.S. Forest Service lands and National Park Service lands.

Through a joint effort of the CNPS and several state and federal agencies new information on disturbance regimes and successional states of vegetation is being developed for each vegetation description. CNPS is also involved in an effort to link the vegetation classification presented in the MCV with the next version of the CNPS Rare Plant Inventory. All habitats for rare species will be discussed in terms of the new classification. CNPS is coordinating a revision of the classification. It is likely that all of this information will be presented in both digital and hard copy in the year 2000.

 For further information on how you can provide input to the classification, please see the introduction section of the book on the following pages.

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