Yellow pond-lily series
Section: herb Series Dominated by Herbaceous Plants
Series formation: 
Series height:< 0.5m
Series canopy cover:cio
Series ground layer:?
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   2400
Wetland information:Wetlands:habitat permanently flooded. Water chemistry: fresh. Lakes; ponds; slow streams. Cowardin classes: Lacustrine littoral aquatic bed wetland, Palustrine aquatic bed wetland. The national list of wetland plants (Reed 1988) lists yellow pond-lily as a OBL.
Upland information: [not available]
Reference:Mason (1957).
Comments:Yellow pond-lily often dominates on surfaces of shallow ponds. It may also be occasional in stands of other aquatic series.
Plot based descriptions:Baker (1972) qualitatively defines stands as Open water at Ingelnook Fen in Mendocino Co. o-NorCo.
Series Association:[not available]
FormationTemperate or sub-polar hydromorphic rooted vegetation
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