Iceplant series
Section: herb Series Dominated by Herbaceous Plants
Series formation: 
Series height:<50 cm
Series canopy cover:c
Series ground layer:?
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   100
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:bluffs, disturbed land, sand dunes of immediate coastline.
Reference:Zedler & Scheid (1988).
Comments:The invasive character of several kinds of herbs in the Aizoaceae is well appreciated in California. Three genera are included in this series. The Jepson Manual recognizes two Carpobrotus , one Malephora, and two Mesembryanthemum in California. These five species have historically been placed in Mesembryanthemum , and referred to as crystalline iceplant, fig-marigold, Hottentot-fig, orange iceplant, sea-fig, or slenderleaf iceplant. All are invasive, and replace native species. Iceplant stands are being removed to restore native stands and enhance populations of rare species. The treatment here is broad to recognize the importance of these introduced species in the vegetation of California.
Plot based descriptions:not available.
Series Association:[not available]
FormationSparsely vegetated sand dunes
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