Coast live oak series
Section: tree Series Dominated by Trees
Series formation: 
Series height:<30 m
Series canopy cover:c
Series ground layer:g
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   1200
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:slopes often very steep; raised, stream banks and terraces. Soils mostly sandstone or shale-derived. The national in-ventory of wetland plants (Reed 1988) does not list coast live oak.
Reference:Coast live oak range in CA ("Griffin and Critchfield 1972" & Critchfield 1972). Barbour (1988), Brown (1982b), Cooper (1922), Faber et al. (1989), Ferren (1989), Finch & McCleery (1980), Griffin (1977), Lathrop & Zuill (1984), Minnich (1987), Parker (1994), Parker & Muller (1982), Pavlik et al. (1991), Paysen et al. (1980), Plumb (1980), Shreve (1927), Snow (1973), Wells (1962), Zuill (1967).
Comments:Keeler-Wolf (1990e) qualitatively describes coast live oak-dominated stands at Limekiln Creek RNA (now part of the Cone Peak Gradient RNA) in Monterey o-CenCo; at Fern Canyon RNA in Los Angeles Co., Gautier & Zedler (1980) at Guatay Mountain, Keeler-Wolf (1990e) at Organ Valley RNA San Diego Co. SoCo.
Plot based descriptions:Allen et al. (1989, 1991) define 15 upland coast live oak subseries which are sorted by elevation and water relations in Nor-CA. Their subseries are called associations here. Parker (1990) defines one association at Mount Tamalpais in Marin Co., Wainwright & Barbour (1984) one as-sociation in Annadel State Park in Sonoma Co. o-NorCo; Cole (1980) reports cover for stands in the Purisima Hills, Campbell (1980) defines one association in Santa Barbara Co. o-CenCo; Keeler-Wolf (1990a) one association at King Creek RNA n San Diego Co., Zembal (1989) reports tree density and cover along Santa Margarita and Santa Ana Rivers in Orange Co. o-SoCo; Boyd (1983) describes stands in Gavilan Hills in Riverside Co. i. m- TraR; Gordon & White (1994) define one associa-tion in m-PenR.
Series Association:Allen et al. (1991): Blue oak-coast live oak/grass association, Coast live oak association, Coast live oak-bigleaf maple/California coffeeberry-ocean spray association, Coast live oak/blackberry/bracken association, Coast live oak-California bay/toyon-scrub oak association, Coast live oak/California coffeeberry-toyon association, Coast live oak/chamise-black sage association, Coast live oak/California sagebrush/grass association, Coast live oak/grass association, Coast live oak-madrone/hazel-blackberry association, Coast live oak/ocean spray-common snowberry association, Coast live oak/poison-oak/grass association, Coast live oak/poison-oak association, Coast live oak/toyon/grass association, Coast live oak/toyon-poison-oak association. Campbell (1980): Coast live oak association. Gordon & White (1994): Coast live oak/hairyleaf ceanothus association. Keeler-Wolf (1990a): Coast live oak/snowberry association. Parker (1990): Coast live oak association. Wainwright & Barbour (1984): Coast live oak-black oak association.
FormationMixed broad-leaved evergreen-cold deciduous woodland
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