California annual grassland series
Section: herb Series Dominated by Herbaceous Plants
Series formation: 
Series height:<1 m
Series canopy cover:o
Series ground layer:?
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   1200
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:all topographic locations.
Reference:: Barry (1972), Bartolome (1989), Bartolome et al. Bartolome & Brown (1994), Brown (1982d), Burcham (1957), George et al. (1992), Heady (1977), Huenneke & Mooney (1989), Keeley (1989), Parsons (1981), Paysen et al. (1980), Sims (1988), Stoddart et al. (1975), Turner & Brown (1982), Webster (1981), Witham (1976), Young & Evans (1989).
Comments:This extensive series is composed of many alien and native a nnual species; composition varies among stands. Many species beyond those listed above may be present. Ripgut, soft chess, and foxtail chess are common bromes - Erodium botrys and E. cicutarium common filarees - Lasthenia cali- forica a common goldfields - Lupinus bicolor a common lupine - Avena barb and A. fatua common oats - Lolium multiflorum a common rye-grass. The Jepson Manual places owl's-clover and butter-and-eggs in the genera Castilleja and Triphysaria . Fall temperatures and precipitation are major factors determining grassland composition, along with light intensity affected by shading from plants and litter, and differences in microtopography (Evans & Young 1989). The fine scale variation in temporal and spatial structure found in the Cali ornia annual grassland suggests that recognition of many series is not useful (Bartolome 1989).
Plot based descriptions:Saenz & Sawyer (1986) report on sites grazed for the full 1982 season. They were dominated by dogtail, in what now is Redwood National Park in Humboldt Co., Foin & Hektner (1986) define a Stable meadow in Sonoma Co. o-NorCo.; Schlising & Sanders (1982) wo associations associated with vernal pools in Butte Co. sac-CenV; Parsons & Stohlgren (1989) one Slender oat association at Sequoia National Park in Tulare Co. f-SN; Kopecko & Lathrop (1975) two types associated with vernal pools at Santa Rosa Plateau in Riverside Co. o-SoCo.
Series Association:Kopecko & Lathrop (1975): Slender oat-soft brome association [as Dry grassland zone], Soft brome-rattail fescue [as Vernally moist zone]. Schlising & Sanders (1982): European hairgrass association, Soft brome-storkbill association.
FormationTemperate or sub-polar annual grassland or forb vegetation
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