Bitterbrush series
Section: shrb Series Dominated by Shrubs
Series formation: 
Series height:<5 m
Series canopy cover:cio
Series ground layer:sg
Elevation range (lower):1000
(upper):   3400
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:slopes and flats. Soils well-drained, rapidly permeable.
Reference:Neal (1994), (Nord 1965), Young et al. (1977).
Comments:This series definition follows Neal (1994), where bitterbrush is at least an important species in the shrub layer. Some stands of this series may have scat Joshua trees, junipers, or pines. Bitterbrush may be a component of other shrub series [ see Big sagebrush series, Low sage-brush series, Rubber rabbitbrush series]. Bitter-brush also occurs as an important understory shrub in open woodland and forest series. If trees domin-ate the stand, place it in a tree-dominated series [ see Jeffrey pine series, Joshua tree series, Ponderosa pine series, Singleleaf pinyon-Utah juniper series, Washoe pine series, Western juniper series]. Stands may get as old as 125 years on deep, well drained sites, but stands commonly become decadent at 30 years of age and die at 40-50 y ears. Stands tend to be of one age, and appear to result from an either a disturbance event or a rare year when many seedlings survive.
Plot based descriptions:expnd0 Plot-based descriptions : not available.
Series Association:[not available]
FormationMixed evergreen-deciduous shrubland
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