California Vegetation Series:

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Unique Stand
Alaska yellow-cedar stands
All-thorn stands
Alpine habitat
Baker cypress stands
Catalina ironwood stands
Crucifixion-thorn stands
Cuyamaca cypress stands
Elephant tree stands
Enriched stands in the Klamath Mountains
Fen habitat
Gowen cypress stands
Hollyleaf cherry stands
Montane meadow habitat
Montane wetland shrub habitat
Monterey cypress stands
Northern basalt flow vernal pools
Northern claypan vernal pools
Northern hardpan vernal pools
Northern volcanic ashflow vernal pools
Northern volcanic mudflow vernal pools
Pacific silver fir stands
Piute cypress stands
San Diego mesa vernal pools
San Jacinto Valley vernal pools
Santa Cruz cypress stands
Santa Rosa Plateau vernal pools
Stands on San Benito Mountain
Subalpine meadow habitat
Subalpine upland shrub habitat
Subalpine wetland shrub habitat
Tecate cypress stands
Torrey pine stands
Twoleaf pinyon stands

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