Key I: Series Dominated by Herbaceous Plants

Key Characteristics

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1 Grasses dominant 2
1 Grasses not dominant 6

    2 A needlegrass dominant

needlegrass grasslands
  Desert needlegrass series
  Foothill needlegrass series
  Needle-and-thread series
  Nodding needlegrass series
  Purple needlegrass series

    2 A needlegrass not dominant

3 A ryegrass dominant Ashy ryegrass series
  Creeping ryegrass series
3 A ryegrass not dominant 4

    4 A reedgrass dominant

Pacific reedgrass series
  Shorthair reedgrass series

    4 A reedgrass not dominant

5 Introduced annual or perennial grass species dominant grasslands dominated by non-native species
  California annual grassland series
  Cheatgrass series
  Crested wheatgrass series
  European beachgrass series
  Giant reed series
  Introduced perennial grassland series
  Kentucky bluegrass series
  Pampas grass series
5 A native grass species dominant Native grasslands
  Alkali sacaton series
  Big galleta series
  Bluebunch wheatgrass series
  California oatgrass series
  Common reed series
  Cordgrass series
  Green fescue series
  Idaho fescue series
  Indian ricegrass series
  Native dunegrass series
  One-sided bluegrass series
  Saltgrass series
  Tufted hairgrass series

    6 Sedges dominant

Sedge meadows
  Beaked sedge series
  Nebraska sedge series
  Rocky Mountain sedge series
  Sedge series
  Shorthair sedge series

    6 Sedges not dominant

7 Spikerushes dominant emergent aquatics
  Spikerush series
7 Spikerushes not dominant 8

    8 Bulrushes and cattails similarly important

Bulrush-cattail series

    8 Bulrushes and cattails not similarly important

9 Bulrushes dominant Bulrush series
9 Bulrushes not dominant 10

    10 Cattails dominant

Cattail series

    10 Cattails not dominant

11 Darlingtonia dominant Darlingtonia series
11 Darlingtonia not dominant 12

    12 Pickleweed dominant

Pickleweed series

    12 Pickleweed not dominant

13 Dominant plants small < 1 cm in diameter floating and submerged aquatics
  Duckweed series
  Mosquito fern series
13 Dominant plants not small < 1 cm in diameter 14

    14 Dominant plants having floating or submerged leaves

Bur-reed series
  Ditch-grass series
  Pondweeds with submerged leaves series
  Pondweeds with floating leaves series
  Quillwort series
  Yellow pond-lily series

    14 Dominant plants not having floating or submerged leaves

15 Ice plant dominant Iceplant series
15 Sand-verbena important dunelands
  Desert sand-verbena series
  Sand-verbena - beach bursage series

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