CNPS Manual of California Vegetation database information

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Table: 3ARASER - relates Geographic areas to Series codes 1
Table: 3HOLAND - cross reference for Holland system to series 2
Table: 3SERIES - CNPS California Vegetation Manual series 3
Table: 3SERSPC - cross reference for series to species 4
Table: AREAS - geographic areas information 5
Table: Barry - Hierarchial vegetation classification system 6
Table: BarryToSeries - cross reference for Barry classification to series 7
Table: CandH - California habitat types (UC natural reserves) 8
Table: CandHToSeries - cross reference to Cheatham and Haller California habitat types to series 9
Table: CLATMAST - relates plant code, latin, and common names 10
Table: Cowsys - Cowardin classification 11
Table: Definitions - abbreviations used in the manual 12
Table: HOLLMAST - Terrestrial natural communities of California 13
Table: PSW45 - Southern California vegetation system 14
Table: PSW45ToSeries - cross reference table PSW-45 type to series 15
Table: Thorne - Vascular Plant Communities of California system 16
Table: ThorneToSeries - cross reference for Thorne system to series 17
Table: TNCClass - National Vegetation Classification (class heirachy) 18
Table: TNCFormation - National Vegetation Classificatin, formations 19
Table: TNCSeries - National Vegetation Classification, series name 20
Table: USFSDiv - USDA Forest Service Ecoregions 21
Table: USFSDom - USFS Forest Service Ecoregions, Domain 22
Table: USFSProv - USFS Forest Service Ecoregions, Province 23
Table: USFSTOSERIES - cross reference for USFS Ecoregions to series 24
Table: WHR - California Wildlife Habitats Relationships System 25
Table: WHRTOSERIES - cross reference for California Wildlife Habitats Relationships System to series 26

Table Relationships (showing tables as rectangles and fields as arrows):

The geographic/vegetation tables use a unique ID field (table name + ID) to their respective series reference tables (table name + ToSeriesID):

table field
Barry BarryID
BarryToSeries BarryToSeriesID

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