Tufted hairgrass series
Section: herb Series Dominated by Herbaceous Plants
Series formation: 
Series height:<1 m
Series canopy cover:o
Series ground layer:?
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   3900
Wetland information:Wetlands:habitat seasonally saturated. Water chemistry: fresh or hyperhaline. Banks, berms, and margins of bays; depressions; seeps; swales. Cowardin classes: Palustrine nonpersistent emergent freshwater wetland, Estuarine emergent nonpersistent wetland. Uplands: coastal bluffs, terraces, slopes and ridges. The national list of wetland plants (Reed 1988) lists tufted hairgrass as a FACW.
Upland information: Uplands:coastal bluffs, terraces, slopes and ridges. The national list of wetland plants (Reed 1988) lists tufted hairgrass as a FACW.
Reference:Heady et al. (1977), Ratliff (1985).
Comments:The Jepson Manual recognizes two sub-species of tufted hairgras Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. c. and D. c. ssp. holciformis . D. c. ssp. beringensis has been submerged in the former subspecies. The description of the series is based on o-NorCo studies of coastal prairie (Heady et al. 1977). Both ssp . of tufted hairgrass grow at low elevations in o-CenCo and o-NorCo. Tufted hairgrass also grows to alpine elevations. Ratliff (1982, 1985) defines a Tufted hairgrass vegetative series in SN. Sawyer (1978a) in Keeler-Wolf (1990e) qualitatively describes tufted hairgrass meadows at Preacher Meadows candidate RNA in Trinity Co. m-KlaR.
Plot based descriptions:Elliott & Wehausen (1974) describe grazed and ungrazed plots of tufted hairgrass at Point Reyes National Seashore, NDDB has data for terraces at Audubon Canyon Ranch in Marin Co., H et al. (1977) define one association in Sonoma Co. o-NorCo.; Allen-Diaz (1991) one association in Sierra Co., Benedict (1983) three associations at Rock Creek in Sequoia National Park in Tulare Co., Taylor (1984) one association at Harvey Monroe Hall RNA in Mo o Co. SN; Major & Taylor (1977) one association from White Mountains in Inyo Co. WIS.
Series Association:Allen-Diaz (1991): Tufted hairgrass-Nebraska sedge association. Benedict (1983): Tufted hairgrass-Brewer bitter-cress association, Tufted hairgrass-Coville ragwort association, Tufted hairgrass-Coville ragwort-yarrow association. Heady et al. (1977): Vernal grass-tufted hairgrass association. Major & Taylor (1977): Mt. Dana sedge-tufted hairgrass association. Taylor (1984): Tufted hairgrass-northern goldenrod association.
FormationTemperate or sub-polar grassland
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