Scalebroom series
Section: shrb Series Dominated by Shrubs
Series formation: 
Series height:<1.5 m
Series canopy cover:ci
Series ground layer:v
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   1800
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:Rarely flooded, low gradient deposits along streams.
Reference:Hanes et al. (1989), Ingles (1929), Kirkpatrick & Hutchinson (1977), Magney (1992).
Comments:Species composition differs greatly among stands; disturbance may account for the high variation. Some stands in this habitat may have sufficient emergent trees to be placed in tree-dominated series [ see Birchleaf mountain-mahogany series]. The federal and state listed Slender-horned spineflower (a CNPS list 1B plant) and Santa Ana river woollystar (a CNPS list 1B plant) grow in some stands of this series (Skinner & Pavlik 1994).
Plot based descriptions:Hanes et al. (1989) report sites in three drainages [Cucamonga Canyon, San Gabriel Canyon, San Jacinto River] as dominated by scalebroom, Kirkpatrick & Hutchinson (1977) define one association in SoCo. Smith (1980) describes pioneer, intermediate, and mature stands along the San Gabriel River floodplain in Los Angles Co. SoCo. Gordon & White (1994) define one association in m-TraR, Boyd (1983) describes one stand in Gavilan Hills in Riverside Co. i. m-TraR.
Series Association:Gordon & White (1994): California buckwheat-scalebroom association. Kirkpatrick & Hutchinson (1977): Scalebroom-hairy yerba santa-chaparral yucca association.
FormationMixed evergreen-deciduous shrubland
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