Pondweeds with submerged leaves series
Section: herb Series Dominated by Herbaceous Plants
Series formation: 
Series height:<0.3m
Series canopy cover:cio
Series ground layer:?
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   3300
Wetland information:Wetlands:habitat permanently flooded, intermittently exposed. Water chemistry: fresh. Ditches; lakes; ponds; slow streams. Cowardin classes: Lacustrine littoral aquatic bed wetland, Palustrine aquatic bed wetland, Riverine aquatic bed wetland. The national list f wetland plants (Reed 1988) lists pondweeds as a OBL.
Upland information: [not available]
Reference:Mason (1957), Paysen et al. (1980).
Comments:The 10 species of Potamogeton in CA with submerged leaves are included in this series. Pondweeds with floating leaves are placed in the Pondweeds with floating leaves series.
Plot based descriptions:not available.
Series Association:[not available]
FormationTemperate or sub-polar hydromorphic rooted vegetation
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