Ponderosa pine series
Section: tree Series Dominated by Trees
Series formation: 
Series height:<70 m
Series canopy cover:io
Series ground layer:sag
Elevation range (lower):300
(upper):   2100
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:slopes, all aspects; raised stream benches and terraces. Soils well-drained. The national inventory of wetland plants (Reed 1988) lists ponderosa pine as a FACU.
Reference:Ponderosa pine range in CA (Griffin & Critchfield 1972); silvics (Oliver & Ryker 1990). Barbour (1988), Barrett et al. (1980, 1983), Griffin (1985), McDonald (1980b), Paysen et al. (1980), Rundel et al. (1977), Solinas et al. (1985),
Comments:Pinus ponderosa has three varieties, one of which grows in CA [P. p. var. ponderosa ]. This variety has an extensive range and it grows in many habitats in the State. It is present in many series, even important in some with other yellow pines [see Jeffrey pine series, Jeffrey pine-ponderosa pine series, Washoe pine series]. Yellow pine genetics is reviewed by Critchfield (1984), especially in terms of hybridization. Fites (1993) and Smith (1994) place many asso-ciations dominated by ponderosa pine in their White fir series based on the proposed replacement of ponderosa pine by white fir in time. These associations are placed here based on canopy dominance of ponderosa pine.
Plot based descriptions:Sawyer & Thornburgh (1977) define one association in m-KlaR, Simpson (1980) one association in s. Siskiyou Mountains in Humboldt Co., Waddell (1982) one association in Yolla Bolly Mountains in Tehama and Trinity Cos. NorCo, KlaR.; Keeler-Wolf (1992) des ribes stands at Graham Pinery candidate RNA in Butte Co., Keeler-Wolf (1984c) in Keeler-Wolf (1990e) defines three associations at Shasta mudflow RNA in Siskiyou Co., Conard & Robichaux (1980) in Keeler-Wolf (1990e) describe stands at Soda Ridge candidate RNA in Butte Co. m-CasR; Fites (1993) defines three associations in Lassen, Plumas, Tahoe, Eldorado National Forests m-CasR, m-SN; Vora (1988) two associations at Black's Mountain Experimental Forest in Lassen Co. m-CasR, Smith (1994) 24 associations in Klamath, Lassen, Modoc, Shasta-Trinity, Tahoe National Forests m-CasR, ModP, n. TraSN; Gray (1 978) reports importance values for stands in Lake and Sierra Cos. m-NorCo, m-SN, Taylor & Randall (1977a) in Keeler-Wolf (1990e) define one association at Peavine Point RNA in El Dorado Co., Keeler-Wolf (1987f) in Keeler-Wolf (1990e) describes stands at rizzly Mountain RNA, Talley (1981) in Keeler-Wolf (1990e) stands at South Fork Merced River candidate RNA in Mariposa Co. m-SN; Meier (1979) in Keeler-Wolf (1990e) stands at Fern Canyon RNA in San Bernardino Co. i. m-TraR; Keeler-Wolf (1986e, 1988e) in K eler-Wolf (1990e) defines one association at Hall Canyon RNA in Riverside Co. m-PenR.
Series Association:Fites (1993): Ponderosa pine/antelope bitterbrush/ Bolander bedstraw association [as Mixed conifer/ antelope bitterbrush/Bolander bedstraw association], Ponderosa pine/mountain misery [as Mixed conifer/mountain misery association], Ponderosa pine/greenleaf manzanita-mountain misery association [as Mixed conifer/greenleaf manzanita-mountain misery association]. Keeler-Wolf (1984c): Ponderosa pine/big sagebrush association [as subtype 1], Ponderosa pine/antelope bitterbrush association [as subtype 2], Ponderosa pine/California brome association [as subtypes 3,4]. Keeler-Wolf (1986e, 1988e): Ponderosa pine/shrubby bedstraw association. Sawyer & Thornburgh (1977): Ponderosa pine/mahala carpet association [= Pinus ponderosa/Ceanothus prostratus association (Muldavin 1982)]. Simpson (1980): Ponderosa pine/wedgeleaf ceanothus association. Smith (1994): Ponderosa pine/antelope bush/arrowleaf balsam root association, Ponderosa pine/antelope bitterbrush-choke cherry/Orcutt brome association, Ponderosa pine/antelope bitterbrush/Columbia needlegrass/pumice association, Ponderosa pine/antelope bitterbrush-greenleaf manzanita/Columbia needlegrass association, Ponderosa pine/antelope bitterbrush-tobacco brush association, Ponderosa pine/antelope bitterbrush/tower butterweed/granite association, Ponderosa pine/antelope bitterbrush-wax currant/Orcutt brome association, Ponderosa pine-black oak/curlleaf mountain- mahogany association, Ponderosa pine/Columbia needlegrass association, Ponderosa pine/curlleaf mountain-mahogany- antelope bitterbrush/Idaho fescue association, Ponderosa pine/curlleaf mountain-mahogany/ blue wheatgrass association, Ponderosa pine - Douglas-fir/antelope bitter- brush/mule's ears association, Ponderosa pine-interior live oak association, Ponderosa pine-lodgepole pine/service berry associaton, Ponderosa pine/mountain big sagebrush/Idaho fescue association, Ponderosa pine/mountain big sagebrush- antelope bitterbrush association, Ponderosa pine/service berry-choke cherry association, Ponderosa pine/service berry-creeping Oregon- grape/heartleaf arnica association, Ponderosa pine/tobacco bush/Columbia needlegrass association. Taylor & Randall (1977a): Ponderosa pine/mountain misery association. Vora (1988): Ponderosa pine/antelope bitterbrush association, Ponderosa pine/desert snowberry association. Waddell (1982): Ponderosa pine-canyon live oak association.
FormationMixed needle-leafed evergreen-cold deciduous woodland
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