Low sagebrush series
Section: shrb Series Dominated by Shrubs
Series formation: 
Series height:<0.5 m
Series canopy cover:co
Series ground layer:sg
Elevation range (lower):1500
(upper):   3800
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:flats, depressions, slopes, ridges. Soils may be poorly drained.
Reference:Major & Taylor (1977), Paysen et al. (1980), Taylor (1976a), Tisdale (1994), West (1988), Young et al. (1977).
Comments:Two general conditions exist in this series. Nearly pure stands of low sagebrush occur at high elevations and in GB depressions with perched watertables. At alpine and subalpine elevations low sagebrush covers upper slopes and ridges. Ecologically related Black sagebrush series occurs in inter-West, MojD, and PenR.
Plot based descriptions:Stillman (1980) defines one association in the Marble Mountains that was resampled (Murray 1991) in Siskiyou Co. su-KlaR; Major & Taylor (1977) one association at Carson Pass area in Alpine Co. su-SN, a-SN, and associations in White Mountains in Inyo Co. a-WIS. The KlaR studies are important in that the same area was studied twice [1980 & 1991] using the same methods; series composition was similar at both times, but subtypes were rather different in composition.
Series Association:Major & Taylor (1977): Low sagebrush/Mono clover association [as Artemisia arbuscula association], Low sagebrush/stemless haplopappus association [containing Haplopappus acaulis - Leptodactylon pungens, Haplopappus acaulis - Tetradymia canescens, Haplopappus acaulis - Geum canescens associations]. Stillman (1980): Low sagebrush/Idaho fescue association [as Artemisia arbuscula series, containing Artemisia arbuscula/Castilleja schizotricha, Artemisia arbuscula/Castilleja applegatei, Eriogonum nudum/Monardella odoratissima types, = Murray (1991) Sitanion hystrix-Eriogonum douglasii, Castilleja applegatei-Lomatium dissectum types].
FormationTemperate broad-leaved evergreen shrubland
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