Fan palm series
Section: tree Series Dominated by Trees
Series formation: 
Series height:<30 m
Series canopy cover:o
Series ground layer:s
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   900
Wetland information:Wetlands:soils intermittently flooded, satu-rated. Water chemistry: fresh mixosaline. Canyon waterways; along fault lines. Cowar-din class: Temporarily flooded palustrine forested wetland. The national inventory of wetland p lants (Reed 1988) lists fan palm as a FACW.
Upland information: [not available]
Reference:Burk (1977), Cornett (1987), MacMahon (1988), McClintock (1978), Minckley & Brown (1982) Paysen (1980).
Comments:Vogl & McHargue (1966) report great floristic variation among oases, however, canyon waterway oases differ consistently from those along fault lines in importance of common plants other than the fan palm. General references: Burk (1977), Cornett (1987), MacMahon (1988), McClintock (1978), Minckley & Brown (1982) Paysen (1980).
Plot based descriptions:& McHargue (1966) report on 24 oases in ColD. Spolsky (1979) defines a Fan palm-sycamore association at Anza Borrego State Park in San Diego Co. ColD.
Series Association:[not available]
FormationCold-deciduous woodland
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