Dune lupine-goldenbush series
Section: shrb Series Dominated by Shrubs
Series formation: 
Series height:<1m
Series canopy cover:?
Series ground layer:?
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   0
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:stabilized backdune slopes of bars, river mouths, spits along coastline. Soils sandy.
Reference:Barbour (1970), Barbour & Johnson (1977c), Barbour et al. (1981a), Breckon (1974), Jones (1984), Russell (1983).
Comments:This series occurs as separate patches of sand along o-CenCo and o-SoCo coast, and shares species with the Sand-verbena - beach bursage series and coastal scrub series.
Plot based descriptions:Holton & Johnson (1979) define two associations at Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin Co. o-NorCo; Barbour & Johnson (1977) describe a stand at Vandenberg Air Base in Santa Barbara Co., Bluestone (1981) defines one association at Salinas River State Beach in Monte-rey Co. o-CenCo.
Series Association:Bluestone (1981): Heather goldenbush association [as Mid-dune hallow, Reardune foreslope, Rear dune crown, Rear leeslope]. Holton & Johnson (1979): Dune lupine association, Dune lupine-heather goldenbush association.
FormationSparsely vegetated sand dunes
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