Canyon live oak shrub series
Section: shrb Series Dominated by Shrubs
Series formation: 
Series height:<6 m
Series canopy cover:ci
Series ground layer:v
Elevation range (lower):1000
(upper):   2200
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:slopes commonly north-facing. Soil alluvial or bedrock-derived, may be rocky.
Reference:Hanes (1977, 1981), Horton (1960), Griffin (1977), Keeley & Keeley (1988), Minnich (1976), Pase (1982a), Patric & Hanes (1964).
Comments:Canyon live oak is a widespread and common species in shrublands and forests. Stands where it occurs as a shrub, either because it is presumably distinct [ Quercus chrysolepis var. nana ] or because of age, are included in this series. Many of the So-CA shrub stands are believed to be the result of frequent sprouting after fires (White & Sawyer 1995). Stands old enough to form wood-lands and forests are included in the Canyon live oak series. This series definition follows Gordon & White (1994). If canyon live oak as a shrub has > 60% cover, the stand is a member of the Canyon live oak shrub series. If interior live oak as a shrub cover is 60-30% or canyon live oak as a shrub cover 30- 60%, then the stand is another series [ see Interior live oak-chaparral whitethorn shrub series, Interior live oak-canyon live oak shrub series, Interior live oak-scrub oak shrub series].
Plot based descriptions:Gordon & White (1994) define two associations in m-TraR, m-PenR.
Series Association:Gordon & White (1994): Canyon live oak shrub association, Canyon live oak-(deerbrush-chaparral whitethorn) shrub association.
FormationMixed evergreen-deciduous shrubland
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