Black cottonwood series
Section: tree Series Dominated by Trees
Series formation: 
Series height:<25 m
Series canopy cover:ci
Series ground layer:a
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   2800
Wetland information:Wetlands:soils seasonally flooded, per-manently saturated. Water chemistry: fresh. Canyon slopes; margins of lakes, meadows, floodplains, deltas; river mouths and ter-races; stream gravel bars. Cowardin class: Palustrine forested wetland. The national inventory f wetland plants (Reed 1988) lists balsam cottonwood as a FACW.
Upland information: [not available]
Reference:Black cottonwood range in CA
Comments:Low elevation and montane elevation stands are included in this series. Largest low elevation stands occur along the Eel River o-NorCo. Montane stands are small, but widely dispersed.
Plot based descriptions:Zembal (1989) reports tree density and cover along Santa Margarita and Santa AnaRivers in Orange Co. o-SoCo; Stromberg & Patten (1992) report black cottonwood densities along streams in Inyo Co. TraSN.
Series Association:[not available]
FormationMixed needle-leafed evergreen-cold deciduous woodland
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