Bishop pine series
Section: tree Series Dominated by Trees
Series formation: 
Series height:<25 m
Series canopy cover:c
Series ground layer:sa
Elevation range (lower):0
(upper):   400
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:maritime terraces, headlands, rocky ridges. Soils shallow, acid, may be inadequ-ately drained.
Reference:Bishop pine range in CA (Griffin & Critchfield 1972). Axelrod (1980a), Millar (1986), Minnich (1987), Paysen et al. (1980), Philbrick & Haller (1977), Vogl et al. (1977).
Comments:Populations of Bishop pine have been treated taxonomically several ways (Haller 1967). Following Vogl et a (1977), Pinus remorata and P. r. var. borealis are included in this series. The degree of cone persistence varies among the stands (Millar 1986). Only in Mendocino and Humboldt Cos. does Bishop pine commonly mix with other conifers. Elsewhere it forms stands distinct from local chaparral and forest of several series in the mainland. Island stands are particularly different in species composition from one another (Philbrick & Haller 1977). Individuals or small populations of Bishop pine can occur in other series. The extensive Gray Creek stand at its northern extent is logged.
Plot based descriptions:Cole (1980), Vogl et al. (1977) report species of the La Purisima Hills stands on diatomaceous mudstone in Santa Barbara Co. o-CenCo; Westman & Whittaker (1975) defines four associations as part of ordination analysis of gradients from pygmy cypress to redwood-dominated stands n Mendocino Co., NDDB has plot data in the Gary Creek stand before it was logged in Humboldt Co. o-NorCo.
Series Association:Westman & Whittaker (1975): Bishop pine/bear-grass association [as Bishop pine type], Bishop pine-Bolander pine/Labrador-tea association [as Bishop pine-Bolander pine type], Bishop pine-Bolander pine/rayless arnica association [as Xeric Bishop pine type], Bishop pine - Douglas-fir association.
FormationTemperate or sub-polar needle-leaved evergreen forest
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