Birchleaf mountain-mahogany series
Section: tree Series Dominated by Trees
Series formation: 
Series height:<8 m
Series canopy cover:s
Series ground layer:sg
Elevation range (lower):100
(upper):   2400
Wetland information:[not available]
Upland information: Uplands:ridges, upper slopes, rarely flooded low-gradient deposits along streams. Soils shallow and rocky.
Reference:Paysen et al. (1980).
Comments:Birchleaf mountain-mahogany is a wide ranging species. It grows on rocky ridges and steep slopes with thin soil, or on depositions along streams. This plant can be the dominant as a tall shrub or tree. Other trees may be present in these areas. Trees, if present, are from series of the region. Birchleaf mountain-mahogany can occur in other series as well, especially chaparral series where it is important [see Bigpod ceanothus - birchleaf mountain-mahogany series, Red shank -birchleaf mountain-mahogany series, Scrub oak -birchleaf mountain-mahogany series]. Coastal scrub [see Birchleaf mountain-mahogany series] and scalebroom stands [ see Scalebroom series] are closely related to this series. Keeler-Wolf (1990e) qualitatively describes a Birchleaf mountain-mahogany chaparral at Millard Canyon RNA in Riverside Co. PenR, White (1994a) stands at Cleghorn Canyon candidate RNA in San Bernardino Co. i. m-TraR. The Jepson Manual recognizes three varieties of birchleaf mountain-mahogany. The typical one ( C. betuloides var. b. ) grows throughout CA. C. b. var. macrourus is a KlaR, CasR, ModP form. C. b. var. blancheae [Island mountain-mahogany] (a CNPS List 4 plant) is a local ChaI form. C. minutiflorus in San Diego Co. s. PenR is included in this series. Catalina Island mountain-mahogany ( C. traskiae , a CNPS List 1B plant) is a separate species (Skinner & Pavlik 1994).
Plot based descriptions:Taylor & Teare (1979a) in Keeler-Wolf (1990e) define one association on ridges and steep slopes at Manzanita Creek candidate RNA in Trinity Co. m-KlaR; Gordon & White (1994) one association in m-TraR, m-PenR.
Series Association:Taylor & Teare (1979a): Birchleaf mountain-mahogany association. Gordon & White (1994): Birchleaf mountain-mahogany association.
FormationExtremely xeromorphic deciduous woodland
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